Wine Year
Wine Name
Comp Year
Comp Name
Award Name
2011Chardonnay2012West Coast Wine Comp.Bronze
2011Chardonnay2012Grand Harvest AwardsBronze
2011Chardonnay2012Indy InternationalBronze
2011Chardonnay2012San Francisco Wine CompetitionBronze
2011Chardonnay2012Women's International Wine CompBronze
2011Gew2012West Coast Wine Comp.Bronze
2011Gew2012Indy InternationalSilver
2011Gew2012San Francisco Wine CompetitionGold
2011Gew2012Wine Press NW - Best of the BestGold
2011Gew2012Women's International Wine CompGold
2011Moscato di Canelli2012West Coast Wine Comp.Silver
2011Moscato di Canelli2012Grand Harvest AwardsGold
2011Moscato di Canelli2012Indy InternationalDouble Gold
2011Moscato di Canelli2012San Francisco Wine CompetitionBronze
2011Moscato di Canelli2012Wine Press NW - Best of the BestDouble Gold
2011Moscato di Canelli2012Women's International Wine CompSilver
2011Pinot Grigio2012West Coast Wine Comp.Gold
2011Pinot Gris2012Grand Harvest AwardsSilver
2011Pinot Gris2012Indy InternationalSilver
2011Pinot Gris2012San Francisco Wine CompetitionSilver
2011Pinot Gris2012Women's International Wine CompBronze
2011Riesling2012West Coast Wine Comp.Bronze
2011Riesling2012Grand Harvest AwardsSilver
2011Riesling2012Indy InternationalBronze
2011Riesling2012San Francisco Wine CompetitionBest of Show
2011Riesling2012San Francisco Wine CompetitionDouble Gold
2011Riesling2012Women's International Wine CompDouble Gold
2011Riesling2013PDX Seafood & WineBronze
2011Ros2012West Coast Wine Comp.Double Gold / Best of Show Rose
2011Ros2012Indy InternationalSilver
2011Ros2012Indy InternationalBest of Class
2011Ros2012San Francisco Wine CompetitionSilver
2011Ros2012Women's International Wine CompGold / Best of Class
2011Rose of Sangiovese2012Wine Press NW - Best of the BestDouble Gold
2011Sauvignon Blanc2012West Coast Wine Comp.Silver
2011Sauvignon Blanc2012Indy InternationalSilver
2011Sauvignon Blanc2012San Francisco Wine CompetitionBronze
2011Sauvignon Blanc2012Women's International Wine CompSilver
2011Viognier2012West Coast Wine Comp.Silver
2011Viognier2012Indy InternationalGold
2011Viognier2012Indy InternationalBest of Class
2011Viognier2012San Francisco Wine CompetitionSilver
2011Viognier2012Wine Press NW - Best of the BestDouble Gold
2011Viognier2012Women's International Wine CompBronze
2011Viognier2013PDX Seafood & WineBronze
2011Winemaker's Red2013Great NW Wine CompSilver
2011WMW2012West Coast Wine Comp.Silver
2011WMW2012Grand Harvest AwardsBronze
2011WMW2012Indy InternationalSilver
2011WMW2012San Francisco Wine CompetitionBronze
2011WMW2012Women's International Wine CompBronze
2010Barbera2013Winemaker ChallengeGold
2010Barbera2013Int'l Eastern Wine CompSilver
2010Barbera2013San Francisco ChronicleBronze
2010Barbera2013Dallas Morning NewsBronze
2010Barbera2013Great NW Wine CompGold
2010Cab Sauv2013Winemaker ChallengeGold
2010Cab Sauv2013San Francisco ChronicleSilver
2010Cab Sauv2013Great NW Wine CompBronze
2010Cab Sauv CH2013Winemaker ChallengeGold
2010Cab Sauv CH2013Int'l Eastern Wine CompSilver
2010Cab Sauv CH2013San Francisco ChronicleBronze
2010Cab Sauv CH2013Dallas Morning NewsGold
2010Cab Sauv CH2013Great NW Wine CompGold
2010Cab Sauv LC2013Winemaker ChallengeSilver
2010Cab Sauv LC2013Int'l Eastern Wine CompBronze
2010Cab Sauv LC2013San Francisco ChronicleSilver
2010Cab Sauv LC2013Dallas Morning NewsSilver
2010Cab Sauv RSV2013Int'l Eastern Wine CompSilver
2010Cab Sauv RSV2013San Francisco ChronicleSilver
2010Cabernet Franc2013Winemaker ChallengeSilver
2010Cabernet Franc2013Int'l Eastern Wine CompSilver
2010Cabernet Franc2013Great NW Wine CompGold
2010Cabernet Franc RSV2013Winemaker ChallengePlatinum
2010Cabernet Franc RSV2013Int'l Eastern Wine CompGold
2010Cabernet Franc RSV2013San Francisco ChronicleBronze
2010Cabernet Franc RSV2013Dallas Morning NewsBronze
2010Cabernet Franc RSV2013Great NW Wine CompSilver
2010Cabernet Sauvingon AR2013Winemaker ChallengeSilver
2010Cabernet Sauvingon AR2013Int'l Eastern Wine CompBronze
2010Cabernet Sauvingon AR2013San Francisco ChronicleSilver
2010Cabernet Sauvingon AR2013Dallas Morning NewsSilver
2010Cabernet Sauvingon AR2013Great NW Wine CompBronze
2010Chardonnay2012Winemaker ChallengeGold
2010Chardonnay2012Dallas Morning News Wine Comp.Bronze
2010Chardonnay2012Finger Lakes International Wine Comp.Silver
2010Chardonnay2012Wine Press NW - Best of the BestGold
2010Gew2011San Francisco International Wine Comp.Bronze
2010Gew2011International Eastern Wine CompetitionGold
2010Gew2011INDY International Wine Comp.Bronze
2010Gew2012San Francisco Chronicle Wine Comp.Silver
2010Gew2012Dallas Morning News Wine Comp.Bronze
2010Grenache2013Winemaker ChallengeSilver
2010Grenache2013Int'l Eastern Wine CompBronze
2010Grenache2013San Francisco ChronicleBronze
2010Grenache2013Great NW Wine CompSilver
2010Indira2013Int'l Eastern Wine CompBronze
2010Indira2013San Francisco ChronicleSilver
2010Indira2013Great NW Wine CompBronze
2010Malbec2013Winemaker ChallengeGold
2010Malbec2013Int'l Eastern Wine CompBronze
2010Malbec2013San Francisco ChronicleSilver
2010Malbec2013Dallas Morning NewsBronze
2010Malbec2013Great NW Wine CompBronze
2010Marvell2013Winemaker ChallengeSilver
2010Marvell2013Int'l Eastern Wine CompGold
2010Marvell2013San Francisco ChronicleGold
2010Marvell2013Dallas Morning NewsSilver
2010Merlot2013Int'l Eastern Wine CompBronze
2010Merlot2013Great NW Wine CompSilver
2010Merlot LC2013Winemaker ChallengeSilver
2010Merlot LC2013Int'l Eastern Wine CompBronze
2010Merlot LC2013San Francisco ChronicleDouble Gold
2010Merlot LC2013Dallas Morning NewsSilver
2010Merlot LC2013Great NW Wine CompBronze
2010Merlot RSV2013Winemaker ChallengeSilver
2010Merlot RSV2013Dallas Morning NewsSilver
2010Merlot RSV2013Great NW Wine CompSilver
2010Moscato di Canelli2011San Francisco International Wine Comp.Bronze
2010Moscato di Canelli2011INDY International Wine Comp.Silver
2010Moscato di Canelli2012San Francisco Chronicle Wine Comp.Bronze
2010Mourvedre2013Winemaker ChallengeGold
2010Mourvedre2013Int'l Eastern Wine CompSilver
2010Mourvedre2013San Francisco ChronicleSilver
2010Mourvedre2013Great NW Wine CompSilver
2010Northridge Primitivo2013Winemaker ChallengeSilver
2010Northridge Primitivo2013Int'l Eastern Wine CompBronze
2010Northridge Primitivo2013San Francisco ChronicleBronze
2010Northridge Primitivo2013Dallas Morning NewsSilver
2010Northridge Primitivo2013Great NW Wine CompBronze
2010Pinot Gris2011San Francisco International Wine Comp.Silver
2010Pinot Gris2011INDY International Wine Comp.Silver
2010Pinot Gris2012San Francisco Chronicle Wine Comp.Silver
2010Pinot Gris2012Winemaker ChallengeGold
2010Pinot Gris2012New World International Wine Comp.Silver
2010Pinot Gris2012Finger Lakes International Wine Comp.Gold
2010Pinot Gris2012Wine Press NW - Best of the BestDouble Gold
2010Riesling2012New World International Wine Comp.Silver
2010Riesling2012Finger Lakes International Wine Comp.Silver
2010Ros2011San Francisco International Wine Comp.Bronze
2010Ros2011International Eastern Wine CompetitionBronze
2010Ros2011INDY International Wine Comp.Silver
2010Ros2012San Francisco Chronicle Wine Comp.Bronze
2010Ros2012Finger Lakes International Wine Comp.Gold
2010Sangiovese2013San Francisco ChronicleSilver
2010Sangiovese2013Dallas Morning NewsSilver
2010Sangiovese2013Great NW Wine CompBronze
2010Sangiovese RSV2013San Francisco ChronicleGold
2010Sangiovese RSV2013Dallas Morning NewsBronze
2010Sangiovese RSV2013Great NW Wine CompBronze
2010Sauvignon Blanc2011INDY International Wine Comp.Bronze
2010Sauvignon Blanc2012Winemaker ChallengeSilver
2010Serendipity2013Winemaker ChallengeGold
2010Serendipity2013Int'l Eastern Wine CompBronze
2010Serendipity2013San Francisco ChronicleSilver
2010Serendipity2013Great NW Wine CompBronze
2010Syrah2013Winemaker ChallengeSilver
2010Syrah2013Int'l Eastern Wine CompBronze
2010Syrah2013San Francisco ChronicleSilver
2010Syrah2013Dallas Morning NewsGold
2010Syrah2013Great NW Wine CompSilver
2010Syrah LC2013Winemaker ChallengeSilver
2010Syrah LC2013Int'l Eastern Wine CompSilver
2010Syrah LC2013San Francisco ChronicleGold
2010Syrah LC2013Dallas Morning NewsBronze
2010Syrah LC2013Great NW Wine CompSilver
2010Syrah RSV2013Winemaker ChallengeSilver
2010Syrah RSV2013Int'l Eastern Wine CompSilver
2010Syrah RSV2013Dallas Morning NewsGold
2010Syrah RSV2013Great NW Wine CompGold
2010Tavola Rosso2013Winemaker ChallengePlatinum
2010Tavola Rosso2013Int'l Eastern Wine CompBronze
2010Tavola Rosso2013San Francisco ChronicleBronze
2010Tavola Rosso2013Dallas Morning NewsBronze
2010Tavola Rosso2013Great NW Wine CompSilver
2010Viognier2011San Francisco International Wine Comp.Bronze
2010Viognier2011International Eastern Wine CompetitionDouble Gold
2010Viognier2011International Eastern Wine CompetitionBest of Class
2010Viognier2011INDY International Wine Comp.Gold
2010Viognier2012Wine Press NW - Best of the BestPlatinum
2010Viognier2012San Francisco Chronicle Wine Comp.Silver
2010Viognier2012Dallas Morning News Wine Comp.Silver
2010Viognier2012Finger Lakes International Wine Comp.Silver
2010WMR2012San Francisco Chronicle Wine Comp.Bronze
2010WMR2012New World International Wine Comp.Silver
2010WMR2012Long Beach Grand CruChairman's Best of Class
2010WMR2012Northwest Wine SummitSilver
2010WMR2012Wine Enthusiast87
2010WMR2012Wine Press NW - Best of the BestPlatinum
2010WMW2011INDY International Wine Comp.Silver
2010WMW2012San Francisco Chronicle Wine Comp.Bronze
2010WMW2012Winemaker ChallengeSilver
2010WMW2012Finger Lakes International Wine Comp.Bronze
2010Zinfandel RSV2013Int'l Eastern Wine CompSilver
2010Zinfandel RSV2013San Francisco ChronicleBronze
2010Zinfandel RSV2013Great NW Wine CompSilver
2009Dry Riesling2010Renaud Society Wine Comp.Bronze
2009Chardonnay2011West Coast Wine Comp.Bronze
2009Barbera2012Finger Lakes International Wine Comp.Bronze
2009Barbera2012Long Beach Grand CruBronze
2009Barbera2012Northwest Wine SummitBronze
2009Barbera2012West Coast Wine Comp.Silver
2009Barbera2012Seattle Wine AwardsSilver
2009Barbera2012San Francisco Chronicle Wine Comp.Silver
2009Barbera2012Dallas Morning News Wine Comp.Bronze
2009Barbera2012New World International Wine Comp.Silver
2009Chardonnay2011Jerry Mead's NWIWCSilver
2009Chardonnay2011Grand Harvest AwardsSilver
2009Chardonnay2010San Francisco Chronicle Wine Comp.Bronze
2009Cabernet Franc RSV2012San Francisco Wine CompetitionSilver
2009Cabernet Franc RSV2012Indy InternationalBronze
2009Cabernet Franc RSV2012Wine Enthusiast88
2009Cabernet Franc RSV2012Seattle Wine AwardsBronze
2009Cabernet Franc RSV2012Northwest Wine SummitBronze
2009Cabernet Franc RSV2012San Francisco Chronicle Wine Comp.Bronze
2009Cabernet Franc2012Women's International Wine CompSilver
2009Cabernet Franc2012Wine Press NW - Best of the BestDouble Gold
2009Cabernet Franc2012San Francisco Wine CompetitionBronze
2009Cabernet Franc2012Indy InternationalSilver
2009Cabernet Franc2012Wine Enthusiast86
2009Barbera2012Wine Enthusiast84
2009Barbera2012Grand Harvest AwardsSilver
2009Barbera2012Indy InternationalSilver
2009Barbera2012San Francisco Wine CompetitionGold
2009Barbera2012Wine Press NW - Best of the BestPlatinum
2009Barbera2012Women's International Wine CompGold / Best of Class
2009Cab Sauv2011INDY International Wine Comp.Silver
2009Cab Sauv2012San Francisco Chronicle Wine Comp.Bronze
2009Cab Sauv2012Finger Lakes International Wine Comp.Bronze
2009Cab Sauv2012Northwest Wine SummitBronze
2009Cab Sauv2012West Coast Wine Comp.Silver
2009Cab Sauv2012Seattle Wine AwardsSilver
2009Cab Sauv2012Wine Enthusiast90
2009Cab Sauv2012Indy InternationalSilver
2009Cab Sauv2012San Francisco Wine CompetitionBronze
2009Cab Sauv2012Women's International Wine CompSilver
2009Cab Sauv RSV2012San Francisco Chronicle Wine Comp.Bronze
2009Cab Sauv RSV2012Dallas Morning News Wine Comp.Bronze
2009Cab Sauv RSV2012New World International Wine Comp.Silver
2009Cab Sauv RSV2012Finger Lakes International Wine Comp.Silver
2009Cab Sauv RSV2012Long Beach Grand CruSilver
2009Cab Sauv RSV2012Northwest Wine SummitGold
2009Cab Sauv RSV2012West Coast Wine Comp.Silver
2009Cab Sauv RSV2012Seattle Wine AwardsGold
2009Cab Sauv RSV2012Wine Enthusiast91
2009Cab Sauv RSV2012Grand Harvest AwardsSilver
2009Cab Sauv RSV2012Indy InternationalDouble Gold
2009Cab Sauv RSV2012San Francisco Wine CompetitionSilver
2009Cabernet Franc2012San Francisco Chronicle Wine Comp.Bronze
2009Cabernet Franc2012Dallas Morning News Wine Comp.Bronze
2009Cabernet Franc2012Finger Lakes International Wine Comp.Silver
2009Cabernet Franc2012Long Beach Grand CruChairman's Best of Class
2009Cabernet Franc2012Northwest Wine SummitGold
2009Cabernet Franc2012West Coast Wine Comp.Silver
2009Cabernet Franc2012Seattle Wine AwardsSilver
2009Gew2010Indy InternationalBronze
2009Gew2010Renaud Society Wine Comp.Gold
2009Gew2011Grand Harvest AwardsSilver
2009Gew2011Finger Lakes International Wine Comp.Bronze
2009Grenache2012San Francisco Chronicle Wine Comp.Best of Class
2009Grenache2012Dallas Morning News Wine Comp.Silver
2009Grenache2012New World International Wine Comp.Silver
2009Grenache2012Finger Lakes International Wine Comp.Bronze
2009Grenache2012Long Beach Grand CruSilver
2009Grenache2012Northwest Wine SummitSilver
2009Grenache2012Seattle Wine AwardsBronze
2009Grenache2012Wine Enthusiast84
2009Grenache2012Grand Harvest AwardsBronze
2009Grenache2012Indy InternationalBronze
2009Grenache2012San Francisco Wine CompetitionBronze
2009Grenache2012Wine Press NW - Best of the BestDouble Gold
2009Grenache2012Women's International Wine CompSilver
2009Malbec RSV2012San Francisco Chronicle Wine Comp.Bronze
2009Malbec RSV2012Dallas Morning News Wine Comp.Bronze
2009Malbec RSV2012New World International Wine Comp.Silver
2009Malbec RSV2012Finger Lakes International Wine Comp.Bronze
2009Malbec RSV2012Long Beach Grand CruBronze
2009Malbec RSV2012Northwest Wine SummitBronze
2009Malbec RSV2012Seattle Wine AwardsBronze
2009Malbec RSV2012Wine Enthusiast90
2009Malbec RSV2012Grand Harvest AwardsBronze
2009Malbec RSV2012Indy InternationalSilver
2009Malbec RSV2012Women's International Wine CompSilver
2009Merlot2012San Francisco Chronicle Wine Comp.Silver
2009Merlot2012Dallas Morning News Wine Comp.Bronze
2009Merlot2012Finger Lakes International Wine Comp.Silver
2009Merlot2012Long Beach Grand CruSilver
2009Merlot2012Northwest Wine SummitBronze
2009Merlot2012West Coast Wine Comp.Bronze
2009Merlot2012Seattle Wine AwardsGold
2009Merlot2012Wine Enthusiast85
2009Merlot2012Grand Harvest AwardsBronze
2009Merlot2012Indy InternationalBronze
2009Merlot2012San Francisco Wine CompetitionBronze
2009Merlot2012Wine Press NW - Best of the BestDouble Gold
2009Merlot RSV2012San Francisco Chronicle Wine Comp.Gold
2009Merlot RSV2012Dallas Morning News Wine Comp.Silver
2009Merlot RSV2012New World International Wine Comp.Silver
2009Merlot RSV2012Finger Lakes International Wine Comp.Silver
2009Merlot RSV2012Long Beach Grand CruSilver
2009Merlot RSV2012Northwest Wine SummitGold
2009Merlot RSV2012West Coast Wine Comp.Bronze
2009Merlot RSV2012Seattle Wine AwardsSilver
2009Merlot RSV2012Wine Enthusiast87
2009Merlot RSV2012Grand Harvest AwardsSilver
2009Merlot RSV2012Indy InternationalSilver
2009Merlot RSV2012San Francisco Wine CompetitionSilver
2009Merlot RSV2012Wine Press NW - Best of the BestGold
2009Merlot RSV2012Women's International Wine CompBronze
2009Pinot Gris2010Renaud Society Wine Comp.Silver
2009Pinot Gris2010Winemaker Challenge Int'l Wine Comp.Silver
2009Pinot Gris2010San Francisco Chronicle Wine Comp.Gold
2009Pinot Gris2011Grand Harvest AwardsBronze
2009Pinot Gris2011Seattle Wine AwardsSilver
2009Riesling2012Wine Press NW - Best of the BestDouble Gold
2009Ros2010Indy InternationalBronze
2009Ros2010Renaud Society Wine Comp.Silver
2009Ros2010Winemaker Challenge Int'l Wine Comp.Silver
2009Ros2010San Francisco Chronicle Wine Comp.Bronze
2009Ros2011Grand Harvest AwardsBronze
2009Ros2011Jerry Mead's NWIWCSilver
2009Ros2011Finger Lakes International Wine Comp.Bronze
2009Ros2011Seattle Wine AwardsSilver
2009RSV Cab Sauv2012Wine Press NW - Best of the BestGold
2009Sangiovese2012San Francisco Chronicle Wine Comp.Silver
2009Sangiovese2012New World International Wine Comp.Silver
2009Sangiovese2012Finger Lakes International Wine Comp.Silver
2009Sangiovese2012Northwest Wine SummitBronze
2009Sangiovese2012Wine Enthusiast85
2009Sangiovese2012Grand Harvest AwardsSilver
2009Sangiovese2012Indy InternationalSilver
2009Sangiovese2012San Francisco Wine CompetitionSilver
2009Sangiovese2012Women's International Wine CompBronze
2009Sangiovese RSV2012San Francisco Chronicle Wine Comp.Bronze
2009Sangiovese RSV2012New World International Wine Comp.Silver
2009Sangiovese RSV2012Finger Lakes International Wine Comp.Bronze
2009Sangiovese RSV2012Long Beach Grand CruBronze
2009Sangiovese RSV2012Northwest Wine SummitBronze
2009Sangiovese RSV2012West Coast Wine Comp.Bronze
2009Sangiovese RSV2012Seattle Wine AwardsSilver
2009Sangiovese RSV2012Wine Enthusiast86
2009Sangiovese RSV2012Indy InternationalBronze
2009Sangiovese RSV2012San Francisco Wine CompetitionSilver
2009Sangiovese RSV2012Women's International Wine CompBronze
2009Sauvignon Blanc2010Renaud Society Wine Comp.Bronze
2009Sauvignon Blanc2010San Francisco Chronicle Wine Comp.Bronze
2009Sauvignon Blanc2011Dallas Morning NewsSilver
2009Sauvignon Blanc2011Seattle Wine AwardsSilver
2009Serendipity2012San Francisco Chronicle Wine Comp.Bronze
2009Serendipity2012Dallas Morning News Wine Comp.Gold
2009Serendipity2012New World International Wine Comp.Double Gold
2009Serendipity2012Finger Lakes International Wine Comp.Silver
2009Serendipity2012Northwest Wine SummitSilver
2009Serendipity2012West Coast Wine Comp.Silver
2009Serendipity2012Seattle Wine AwardsBronze
2009Serendipity2012Wine Enthusiast87
2009Serendipity2012Grand Harvest AwardsSilver
2009Serendipity2012Indy InternationalGold
2009Serendipity2012San Francisco Wine CompetitionGold
2009Serendipity2012Wine Press NW - Best of the BestDouble Gold
2009Serendipity2012Women's International Wine CompGold
2009Syrah2012San Francisco Chronicle Wine Comp.Gold
2009Syrah2012Dallas Morning News Wine Comp.Silver
2009Syrah2012New World International Wine Comp.Silver
2009Syrah2012Finger Lakes International Wine Comp.Bronze
2009Syrah2012Long Beach Grand CruSilver
2009Syrah2012Northwest Wine SummitSilver
2009Syrah2012West Coast Wine Comp.Silver
2009Syrah2012Seattle Wine AwardsDouble Gold
2009Syrah2012Wine Enthusiast84
2009Syrah2012Indy InternationalSilver
2009Syrah2012San Francisco Wine CompetitionSilver
2009Syrah2012Wine Press NW - Best of the BestPlatinum
2009Syrah2012Wine Press NW - Best of the BestPlatinum
2009Syrah2012Women's International Wine CompGold / Best of Class
2009Syrah RSV2012San Francisco Chronicle Wine Comp.Gold
2009Syrah RSV2012Dallas Morning News Wine Comp.Silver
2009Syrah RSV2012New World International Wine Comp.Silver
2009Syrah RSV2012Finger Lakes International Wine Comp.Silver
2009Syrah RSV2012Long Beach Grand CruBronze
2009Syrah RSV2012Northwest Wine SummitSilver
2009Syrah RSV2012Seattle Wine AwardsDouble Gold
2009Syrah RSV2012Wine Enthusiast86
2009Syrah RSV2012Grand Harvest AwardsSilver
2009Syrah RSV2012Indy InternationalBronze
2009Syrah RSV2012San Francisco Wine CompetitionSilver
2009Syrah RSV2012Wine Press NW - Best of the BestDouble Gold
2009Syrah RSV2012Women's International Wine CompSilver
2009Tavola Rosso2012West Coast Wine Comp.Bronze
2009Tavola Rosso2012Indy InternationalBronze
2009Tavola Rosso2012San Francisco Wine CompetitionBronze
2009Viognier2010Renaud Society Wine Comp.Silver
2009Viognier2010San Francisco Chronicle Wine Comp.Silver
2009Viognier2011Grand Harvest AwardsSilver
2009Viognier2011Finger Lakes International Wine Comp.Bronze
2009Viognier2011West Coast Wine Comp.Bronze
2009Winemaker's Red2012Wine Press NW - Best of the BestDouble Gold
2009Winemaker's White2012Wine Press NW - Best of the BestDouble Gold
2009WMR2010San Francisco Chronicle Wine Comp.Silver
2009WMR2011Grand Harvest AwardsSilver
2009WMR2011Jerry Mead's NWIWCSilver
2009WMR2011Finger Lakes International Wine Comp.Bronze
2009WMR2011Wine Advocate Tasting85
2009WMR2011San Francisco International Wine Comp.Bronze
2009WMR2011Seattle Wine AwardsDouble Gold
2009WMR2011International Eastern Wine CompetitionSilver
2009WMR2011NW Wine SummitSilver
2009WMR2011INDY International Wine Comp.Silver
2009WMR2011West Coast Wine Comp.Gold
2009WMR2011Long Beach Grand Cru Wine Comp.Bronze
2009WMW2010Winemaker Challenge Int'l Wine Comp.Gold
2009WMW2010San Francisco Chronicle Wine Comp.Silver
2009WMW2011Grand Harvest AwardsSilver
2009WMW2011Finger Lakes International Wine Comp.Silver
2009WMW2011Seattle Wine AwardsGold
2009WMW2011West Coast Wine Comp.Bronze
2009Zinfandel2012San Francisco Chronicle Wine Comp.Bronze
2009Zinfandel2012Northwest Wine SummitBronze
2009Zinfandel2012West Coast Wine Comp.Silver
2009Zinfandel2012Wine Enthusiast86
2009Zinfandel2012Indy InternationalBronze
2009Zinfandel2012San Francisco Wine CompetitionSilver
2009Zinfandel2012Women's International Wine CompBronze
2009Zinfandel RSV2012San Francisco Chronicle Wine Comp.Silver
2009Zinfandel RSV2012Finger Lakes International Wine Comp.Gold
2009Zinfandel RSV2012Long Beach Grand CruSilver
2009Zinfandel RSV2012Northwest Wine SummitSilver
2009Zinfandel RSV2012Wine Enthusiast87
2009Zinfandel RSV2012Grand Harvest AwardsBronze
2009Zinfandel RSV2012Indy InternationalSilver
2009Zinfandel RSV2012Wine Press NW - Best of the BestDouble Gold
2009Zinfandel RSV2012Women's International Wine CompSilver
2009Dry Riesling2010Indy InternationalBronze
2009Barbera2012Seattle Wine AwardsSilver
2009Chardonnay2011Seattle Wine AwardsBronze
2009Chardonnay2011Finger Lakes International Wine Comp.Silver
2009Dry Riesling2010San Francisco Chronicle Wine Comp.Bronze
2009Dry Riesling2011Grand Harvest AwardsBronze
2009Dry Riesling2011Seattle Wine AwardsBronze
2008Sangiovese2011Wine Advocate Tasting87
2008Sangiovese2011San Francisco International Wine Comp.Bronze
2008Sangiovese2011Seattle Wine AwardsGold
2008Sangiovese2011International Eastern Wine CompetitionSilver
2008Zinfandel RSV2011INDY International Wine Comp.Silver
2008Zinfandel RSV2011West Coast Wine Comp.Silver
2008Zinfandel2011Grand Harvest AwardsSilver
2008Zinfandel2011Dallas Morning NewsGold
2008Zinfandel2011Finger Lakes International Wine Comp.Silver
2008Zinfandel2011Washington State Wine Comp.Silver
2008Zinfandel2011San Francisco International Wine Comp.Silver
2008Zinfandel2011NW Wine SummitGold
2008Zinfandel2011INDY International Wine Comp.Silver
2008Zinfandel2011West Coast Wine Comp.Bronze
2008Zinfandel RSV2011Finger Lakes International Wine Comp.Bronze
2008Zinfandel RSV2011San Francisco International Wine Comp.Bronze
2008Zinfandel RSV2011Seattle Wine AwardsBronze
2008WMW2010Finger Lakes Intl Wine Comp.Bronze
2008WMW2010West Coast Wine Comp.Bronze
2008WMW2010Riverside International Wine Comp.Bronze
2008WMWAwardsSeattle Wine ASilver
2008WMW2010International Eastern Wine CompBronze
2008WMW2010Long Beach Grand CruBronze
2008WMW2010Indy InternationalBronze
2008Viognier2009Indy Int'l Wine Comp.Gold
2008Viognier2009Renaud Society Wine Comp.Gold
2008Viognier2009Renaud Society Wine Comp.Best of Class
2008Viognier2009Houston Rodeo Wine Comp.Bronze
2008WMR2009Houston Rodeo Wine Comp.Silver
2008WMR2010Grand Harvest AwardsSilver
2008WMR2010Finger Lakes Intl Wine Comp.Silver
2008WMR2010Washington State Wine Comp.Bronze
2008WMR2010Riverside International Wine Comp.Silver
2008WMRAwardsSeattle Wine ASilver
2008WMR2010International Eastern Wine CompBronze
2008WMR2010San Fransisco International Wine CompSilver
2008WMR2010Long Beach Grand CruBronze
2008WMR2010Indy InternationalBronze
2008WMW2009Houston Rodeo Wine Comp.Bronze
2008WMWComp.San Fransico Chronicle WineSilver
2008WMW2010Grand Harvest AwardsBronze
2008Syrah RSV2011INDY International Wine Comp.Double Gold
2008Syrah RSV2011Riverside International Wine Comp.Bronze
2008Syrah RSV2012Wine Press NW - Best of the BestGold
2008Viognier2009San Fran. Int'l Wine CompSilver
2008Syrah RSV2011San Francisco International Wine Comp.Bronze
2008Syrah RSV2011Seattle Wine AwardsBronze
2008Syrah RSV2011International Eastern Wine CompetitionGold
2008Syrah RSV2011NW Wine SummitGold
2008Syrah2011Washington State Wine Comp.Bronze
2008Syrah2011San Francisco International Wine Comp.Silver
2008Syrah2011Seattle Wine AwardsDouble Gold
2008Syrah2011International Eastern Wine CompetitionSilver
2008Syrah2011NW Wine SummitBronze
2008Syrah2011INDY International Wine Comp.Double Gold
2008Syrah2011West Coast Wine Comp.Bronze
2008Syrah2011Riverside International Wine Comp.Silver
2008Syrah2012Wine Press NW - Best of the BestGold
2008Syrah RSV2011Jerry Mead's NWIWCSilver
2008Syrah RSV2011Finger Lakes International Wine Comp.Bronze
2008Syrah RSV2011Washington State Wine Comp.Bronze
2008Syrah RSV2011Wine Advocate Tasting86
2008Syrah2011Grand Harvest AwardsGold
2008Syrah2011Dallas Morning NewsSilver
2008Syrah2011Jerry Mead's NWIWCSilver
2008Syrah2011Finger Lakes International Wine Comp.Silver
2008Serendipity2011INDY International Wine Comp.Silver
2008Serendipity2011West Coast Wine Comp.Bronze
2008Serendipity2011Riverside International Wine Comp.Bronze
2008Serendipity2011Long Beach Grand Cru Wine Comp.Silver
2008Serendipity2012Wine Press NW - Best of the BestGold
2008Syrah2010Winemaker Challenge Int'l Wine Comp.Silver
2008Syrah2010San Francisco Chronicle Wine Comp.Bronze
2008Serendipity2011San Francisco International Wine Comp.Silver
2008Serendipity2011Seattle Wine AwardsGold
2008Serendipity2011International Eastern Wine CompetitionSilver
2008Serendipity2011NW Wine SummitSilver
2008Sangiovese RSV2011INDY International Wine Comp.Double Gold
2008Sangiovese RSV2011West Coast Wine Comp.Silver
2008Sangiovese RSV2011Riverside International Wine Comp.Gold
2008Sangiovese RSV2011Long Beach Grand Cru Wine Comp.Chairman's Best of Class
2008Sangiovese RSV2012Wine Press NW - Best of the BestDouble Gold
2008Sauv Blanc2009Renaud Society Wine Comp.Bronze
2008Serendipity2011Jerry Mead's NWIWCSilver
2008Serendipity2011Finger Lakes International Wine Comp.Bronze
2008Serendipity2011Washington State Wine Comp.Silver
2008Serendipity2011Wine Advocate Tasting86
2008Sangiovese RSV2011Seattle Wine AwardsDouble Gold
2008Sangiovese RSV2011International Eastern Wine CompetitionSilver
2008Sangiovese RSV2011San Francisco International Wine Comp.Bronze
2008Barbera2012San Francisco Chronicle Wine Comp.Bronze
2008Barbera2012New World International Wine Comp.Silver
2008Barbera2012Finger Lakes International Wine Comp.Double Gold
2008Barbera2012Northwest Wine SummitBronze
2008Barbera2012Wine Press NW - Best of the BestPlatinum
2008Cab Sauv2010Renaud Society Wine Comp.Gold
2008Cab Sauv2010Winemaker Challenge Int'l Wine Comp.Silver
2008Cab Sauv2010San Francisco Chronicle Wine Comp.Bronze
2008Cab Sauv2011Grand Harvest AwardsSilver
2008Cab Sauv2011Dallas Morning NewsBronze
2008Cab Sauv2011Finger Lakes International Wine Comp.Silver
2008Cab Sauv2011Washington State Wine Comp.Gold
2008Cab Sauv2011Wine Advocate Tasting86
2008Cab Sauv2011San Francisco International Wine Comp.Silver
2008Cab Sauv2011Seattle Wine AwardsDouble Gold
2008Cab Sauv2011International Eastern Wine CompetitionSilver
2008Cab Sauv2011NW Wine SummitGold
2008Cab Sauv2011INDY International Wine Comp.Silver
2008Cab Sauv2011West Coast Wine Comp.Silver
2008Cab Sauv2011Riverside International Wine Comp.Silver
2008Cab Sauv2011Long Beach Grand Cru Wine Comp.Silver
2008Cab Sauv2012Wine Press NW - Best of the BestPlatinum
2008Cab Sauv RSV2011Wine Advocate Tasting86
2008Cab Sauv RSV2011International Eastern Wine CompetitionSilver
2008Cab Sauv RSV2011INDY International Wine Comp.Silver
2008Cab Sauv RSV2012Winemaker ChallengeSilver
2008Cabernet Franc2010San Francisco Chronicle Wine Comp.Gold
2008Cabernet Franc2011Grand Harvest AwardsSilver
2008Cabernet Franc2011Jerry Mead's NWIWCSilver
2008Cabernet Franc2011Finger Lakes International Wine Comp.Bronze
2008Cabernet Franc2011Washington State Wine Comp.Bronze
2008Cabernet Franc2011Wine Advocate Tasting87
2008Cabernet Franc2011San Francisco International Wine Comp.Silver
2008Cabernet Franc2011Seattle Wine AwardsSilver
2008Cabernet Franc2011International Eastern Wine CompetitionBronze
2008Cabernet Franc2011NW Wine SummitSilver
2008Cabernet Franc2011Riverside International Wine Comp.Bronze
2008Cabernet Franc2011Long Beach Grand Cru Wine Comp.Bronze
2008Cabernet Franc2012Wine Press NW - Best of the BestGold
2008Cabernet Franc RSV2011Wine Advocate Tasting88
2008Cabernet Franc RSV2011San Francisco International Wine Comp.Silver
2008Cabernet Franc RSV2011International Eastern Wine CompetitionSilver
2008Cabernet Franc RSV2011INDY International Wine Comp.Silver
2008Chard RSV2010Renaud Society Wine Comp.Silver
2008Chardonnay2010Grand Harvest AwardsSilver
2008Chardonnay2010Finger Lakes Intl Wine Comp.Silver
2008Chardonnay2010Indy InternationalSilver
2008Gew2009San Fran. Int'l Wine CompBronze
2008Gew2009Indy Int'l Wine Comp.Double Gold
2008Gew2009Renaud Society Wine Comp.Silver
2008Gew2009WPNW Best of the BestDouble Gold
2008GewComp.San Fransico Chronicle WineSilver
2008Grenache2011Finger Lakes International Wine Comp.Silver
2008Grenache2011Wine Advocate Tasting87
2008Grenache2011San Francisco International Wine Comp.Silver
2008Grenache2011NW Wine SummitSilver
2008Grenache2011INDY International Wine Comp.Silver
2008Grenache2011West Coast Wine Comp.Silver
2008Grenache2011Long Beach Grand Cru Wine Comp.Gold
2008Grenache2012Wine Press NW - Best of the BestGold
2008Malbec2012Wine Press NW - Best of the BestDouble Gold
2008Malbec RSV2011Jerry Mead's NWIWCSilver
2008Malbec RSV2011Finger Lakes International Wine Comp.Gold
2008Malbec RSV2011Washington State Wine Comp.Gold
2008Malbec RSV2011Wine Advocate Tasting89
2008Malbec RSV2011Seattle Wine AwardsGold
2008Malbec RSV2011International Eastern Wine CompetitionSilver
2008Malbec RSV2011NW Wine SummitGold
2008Malbec RSV2011West Coast Wine Comp.Silver
2008Malbec RSV2011Riverside International Wine Comp.Silver
2008Malbec RSV2011Long Beach Grand Cru Wine Comp.Silver
2008Merlot2010Winemaker Challenge Int'l Wine Comp.Silver
2008Merlot2010San Francisco Chronicle Wine Comp.Bronze
2008Merlot2011Grand Harvest AwardsGold
2008Merlot2011Jerry Mead's NWIWCSilver
2008Merlot2011Finger Lakes International Wine Comp.Bronze
2008Merlot2011Washington State Wine Comp.Silver
2008Merlot2011Wine Advocate Tasting87
2008Merlot2011San Francisco International Wine Comp.Gold
2008Merlot2011Seattle Wine AwardsGold
2008Merlot2011International Eastern Wine CompetitionBronze
2008Merlot2011NW Wine SummitBronze
2008Merlot2011INDY International Wine Comp.Silver
2008Merlot2011West Coast Wine Comp.Bronze
2008Merlot2011Riverside International Wine Comp.Silver
2008Merlot2011Long Beach Grand Cru Wine Comp.Silver
2008Merlot RSV2011Jerry Mead's NWIWCSilver
2008Merlot RSV2011Finger Lakes International Wine Comp.Bronze
2008Merlot RSV2011Washington State Wine Comp.Bronze
2008Merlot RSV2011Wine Advocate Tasting90
2008Merlot RSV2011San Francisco International Wine Comp.Silver
2008Merlot RSV2011Seattle Wine AwardsDouble Gold
2008Merlot RSV2011International Eastern Wine CompetitionSilver
2008Merlot RSV2011NW Wine SummitSilver
2008Merlot RSV2011INDY International Wine Comp.Silver
2008Merlot RSV2011West Coast Wine Comp.Bronze
2008Merlot RSV2011Riverside International Wine Comp.Bronze
2008Merlot RSV2011Long Beach Grand Cru Wine Comp.Bronze
2008Merlot RSV2012Wine Press NW - Best of the BestGold
2008Muscat Canelli2009Renaud Society Wine Comp.Bronze
2008Muscat CanelliComp.San Fransico Chronicle WineSilver
2008Muscat Canelli2010Jerry Mead NWIWCSilver
2008Pinot Gris2009San Fran. Int'l Wine CompBronze
2008Pinot Gris2009Indy Int'l Wine Comp.Bronze
2008Pinot Gris2009Renaud Society Wine Comp.Bronze
2008Pinot Gris2009Houston Rodeo Wine Comp.Bronze
2008Primitivo2011Jerry Mead's NWIWCGold
2008Primitivo2011Finger Lakes International Wine Comp.Silver
2008Primitivo2011Washington State Wine Comp.Silver
2008Primitivo2011Wine Advocate Tasting87
2008Primitivo2011San Francisco International Wine Comp.Silver
2008Primitivo2011Seattle Wine AwardsGold
2008Primitivo2011International Eastern Wine CompetitionBronze
2008Primitivo2011NW Wine SummitGold
2008Primitivo2011INDY International Wine Comp.Gold
2008Primitivo2011Riverside International Wine Comp.Bronze
2008Primitivo2011Long Beach Grand Cru Wine Comp.Bronze
2008Primitivo2012Wine Press NW - Best of the BestGold
2008Riesling2010Riverside International Wine Comp.Silver
2008Riesling2010Wine Advocate Tasting87
2008Riesling2010Long Beach Grand CruBronze
2008Riesling2010Indy InternationalBronze
2008Ros2009San Fran. Int'l Wine CompSilver
2008Ros2009Indy Int'l Wine Comp.Bronze
2008Zinfandel RSV2011NW Wine SummitBronze
2008Zinfandel2010San Francisco Chronicle Wine Comp.Bronze
2008Sangiovese RSV2011NW Wine SummitGold
2008Sangiovese2011Finger Lakes International Wine Comp.Silver
2008Ros2009Renaud Society Wine Comp.Bronze
2008Ros2010Jerry Mead NWIWCSilver
2008Sangiovese2011Jerry Mead's NWIWCSilver
2008Sangiovese RSV2011Finger Lakes International Wine Comp.Gold
2008Sangiovese RSV2011Washington State Wine Comp.Bronze
2008Sangiovese2011Long Beach Grand Cru Wine Comp.Silver
2008Sangiovese2012Wine Press NW - Best of the BestGold
2008Sangiovese2011INDY International Wine Comp.Gold
2008Sangiovese2011West Coast Wine Comp.Silver
2008Sangiovese2011Riverside International Wine Comp.Silver
2008Sangiovese2011NW Wine SummitSilver
2007Barbera RSV2010Finger Lakes Intl Wine Comp.Silver
2007Barbera RSV2010West Coast Wine Comp.Bronze
2007Barbera RSV2010International Eastern Wine CompSilver
2007Barbera RSV2010San Fransisco International Wine CompSilver
2007Barbera RSV2010Long Beach Grand CruBronze
2007Barbera RSV2010Indy InternationalSilver
2007Barbera RSV2010Wine Press NW - Best of the BestGold
2007Barbera RSV2010Renaud Society Wine Comp.Silver
2007Cab Sauv2010Jerry Mead NWIWCGold
2007Cab Sauv2010Finger Lakes Intl Wine Comp.Silver
2007Cab Sauv2010Washington State Wine Comp.Bronze
2007Cab Sauv2010West Coast Wine Comp.Bronze
2007Cab Sauv2010Riverside International Wine Comp.Bronze
2007Cab Sauv2010International Eastern Wine CompBronze
2007Cab Sauv2010Wine Advocate Tasting90
2007Cab Sauv2010San Fransisco International Wine CompGold
2007Cab Sauv2010Indy InternationalSilver
2007Cab Sauv2010Wine Press NW - Best of the BestGold
2007Cab Sauv RSV2010West Coast Wine Comp.Bronze
2007Cab Sauv RSV2010International Eastern Wine CompGold
2007Cab Sauv RSV2010San Fransisco International Wine CompSilver
2007Cab Sauv RSV2010Long Beach Grand CruBronze
2007Cab Sauv RSV2010Indy InternationalSilver
2007Cab Sauv RSV2010Wine Press NW - Best of the BestGold
2007Cab Sauv RSV2010Renaud Society Wine Comp.Silver
2007Cabernet Franc2010Finger Lakes Intl Wine Comp.Silver
2007Cabernet Franc2010Washington State Wine Comp.Silver
2007Cabernet Franc2010West Coast Wine Comp.Silver
2007Cabernet Franc2010Riverside International Wine Comp.Bronze
2007Cabernet Franc2010International Eastern Wine CompSilver
2007Cabernet Franc2010San Fransisco International Wine CompSilver
2007Cabernet Franc2010Long Beach Grand CruSilver
2007Cabernet Franc2010Indy InternationalSilver
2007Cabernet Franc RSV2010Finger Lakes Intl Wine Comp.Gold
2007Cabernet Franc RSV2010Washington State Wine Comp.Silver
2007Cabernet Franc RSV2010West Coast Wine Comp.Silver
2007Cabernet Franc RSV2010Riverside International Wine Comp.Silver
2007Cabernet Franc RSV2010International Eastern Wine CompSilver
2007Cabernet Franc RSV2010San Fransisco International Wine CompBronze
2007Cabernet Franc RSV2010Long Beach Grand CruGold
2007Cabernet Franc RSV2010Indy InternationalBronze
2007Cabernet Franc RSV2010Wine Press NW - Best of the BestGold
2007Cabernet Franc RSV2010Renaud Society Wine Comp.Gold
2007Chard2008Indy Int'lBronze
2007Chard RSV2009Grand Harvest AwardsSilver
2007Chard RSV2009New World Internationalor mention
2007Chard RSV2009Finger Lakes Intl Wine Comp.Bronze
2007Chard RSV2009Seattle Wine AwardsOutstanding
2007Chard RSV2009Indy Int'l Wine Comp.Bronze
2007Chard RSV2009Renaud Society Wine Comp.Silver
2007Gew2008Northwest Wine SummitBronze
2007Gew2008San Francisco Int'lSilver
2007Gew2008Indy Int'lSilver
2007Gew2008Wine Enthusiast86 Points
2007Gew2008Denver Int'lBronze
2007Gew2008AWS CommercialSilver
2007Grenache RSV2010Finger Lakes Intl Wine Comp.Silver
2007Grenache RSV2010Washington State Wine Comp.Silver
2007Grenache RSV2010West Coast Wine Comp.Silver
2007Grenache RSV2010International Eastern Wine CompSilver
2007Grenache RSV2010Wine Advocate Tasting85
2007Grenache RSV2010San Fransisco International Wine CompGold
2007Grenache RSV2010Long Beach Grand CruBronze
2007Grenache RSV2010Indy InternationalDouble Gold
2007Grenache RSV2010Indy InternationalBest of Class
2007Grenache RSV2010Wine Press NW - Best of the BestGold
2007Grenache RSV2010Renaud Society Wine Comp.Silver
2007Malbec2010Wine Advocate Tasting91
2007Malbec RSV2010Finger Lakes Intl Wine Comp.Silver
2007Malbec RSV2010Washington State Wine Comp.Bronze
2007Malbec RSV2010International Eastern Wine CompBronze
2007Malbec RSV2010San Fransisco International Wine CompSilver
2007Malbec RSV2010Long Beach Grand CruBronze
2007Malbec RSV2010Indy InternationalDouble Gold
2007Malbec RSV2010Indy InternationalBest of Class
2007Malbec RSV2010Wine Press NW - Best of the BestGold
2007Malbec RSV2010Renaud Society Wine Comp.Gold
2007Merlot2010Long Beach Grand CruBronze
2007Merlot2010Indy InternationalSilver
2007Merlot2010Renaud Society Wine Comp.Gold
2007Merlot RSV2010Long Beach Grand CruBronze
2007Merlot RSV2010Indy InternationalGold
2007Merlot RSV2010Wine Press NW - Best of the BestGold
2007Merlot RSV2010Renaud Society Wine Comp.Gold
2007Muscat2008Indy Int'lSilver
2007Muscat2008Denver Int'lSilver
2007Muscat2008AWS CommercialGold
2007Pinot Gris2008Int'l EasternDouble Gold
2007Pinot Gris2008San Francisco Int'lBronze
2007Pinot Gris2008Indy Int'lBronze
2007Pinot Gris2008Wine Enthusiast86 Points
2007Pinot Gris2008AWS CommercialBronze
2007Pinot Gris2008VinoChallengeBronze
2007Pinot Gris2008Tri-Cities Wine FestivalBronze
2007Pinot Gris2008W P NW Best of the BestGold
2007Port2010Renaud Society Wine Comp.Gold
2007Port2011Jerry Mead's NWIWCSilver
2007Port2011Finger Lakes International Wine Comp.Bronze
2007Port2011Seattle Wine AwardsSilver
2007Ros2008San Francisco Int'lBronze
2007Ros2008Indy Int'lBronze
2007Ros2008Denver Int'lGold
2007Ros2008AWS CommercialGold
2007Ros2008VinoChallengeBest Ros
2007Ros2008W P NW Best of the BestDouble Gold
2007Sangiovese2010Finger Lakes Intl Wine Comp.Silver
2007Sangiovese2010Washington State Wine Comp.Bronze
2007Sangiovese2010West Coast Wine Comp.Bronze
2007Sangiovese2010Riverside International Wine Comp.Silver
2007Sangiovese2010International Eastern Wine CompSilver
2007Sangiovese2010San Fransisco International Wine CompBronze
2007Sangiovese2010Indy InternationalGold
2007Sangiovese2010Wine Press NW - Best of the BestDouble Platinum
2007Sangiovese2010Renaud Society Wine Comp.Gold
2007Sangiovese RSV2010Finger Lakes Intl Wine Comp.Silver
2007Sangiovese RSV2010Washington State Wine Comp.Bronze
2007Sangiovese RSV2010West Coast Wine Comp.Silver
2007Sangiovese RSV2010International Eastern Wine CompDouble Gold
2007Sangiovese RSV2010Wine Advocate Tasting85
2007Sangiovese RSV2010San Fransisco International Wine CompBronze
2007Sangiovese RSV2010Long Beach Grand CruBronze
2007Sangiovese RSV2010Wine Press NW - Best of the BestGold
2007Sangiovese RSV2010Renaud Society Wine Comp.Gold
2007Sauv Blanc2008Int'l EasternSilver
2007Sauv Blanc2008Seattle Wine AwardsGold
2007Sauv Blanc2008San Francisco Int'lGold
2007Sauv Blanc2008Indy Int'lBronze
2007Sauvignon Blanc2008Wine Enthusiast87 Points
2007Sauvignon Blanc2008Denver Int'lSilver
2007Sauvignon Blanc2008VinoChallengeSilver
2007Sauvignon Blanc2008Tri-Cities Wine FestivalSilver
2007Sauvignon Blanc2008W P NW Best of the BestGold
2007Serendipity2010Wine Advocate Tasting90+
2007Serendipity2010Long Beach Grand CruBronze
2007Serendipity2010Indy InternationalDouble Gold
2007Serendipity2010Wine Press NW - Best of the BestGold
2007Serendipity2010Renaud Society Wine Comp.Gold
2007Syrah2010Long Beach Grand CruBronze
2007Syrah2010Indy InternationalGold
2007Syrah2010Indy InternationalBest of Class
2007Syrah2010Wine Press NW - Best of the BestGold
2007Syrah2010Renaud Society Wine Comp.Gold
2007Syrah RSV2010Long Beach Grand CruBronze
2007Syrah RSV2010Indy InternationalSilver
2007Syrah RSV2010Renaud Society Wine Comp.Gold
2007Viognier2008Northwest Wine Summitgold
2007Viognier2008Indy Int'lBronze
2007Viognier2008Wine Enthusiast85 Points
2007Viognier2008Denver Int'lGold
2007Viognier2008AWS CommercialBronze
2007WMR2008Tri-Cities Wine FestivalBronze
2007WMR2009Dallas Morning NewsBronze
2007WMR2009Grand Harvest AwardsBronze
2007WMR2009New World Internationalor mention
2007WMR2009National Women's Wine Comp.Bronze
2007WMR2009Finger Lakes Intl Wine Comp.Gold
2007WMR2009West Coast Wine comp.Bronze
2007WMR2009Riverside InternationalBronze
2007WMR2009International EasternBronze
2007WMR2009Seattle Wine AwardsGold
2007WMR2009San Fran. Int'l Wine CompBronze
2007WMR2009Indy Int'l Wine Comp.Bronze
2007WMR2009Renaud Society Wine Comp.Bronze
2007WMR2009WPNW Best of the BestGold
2007WMW2008Indy Int'lBronze
2007WMW2008Tri-Cities Wine FestivalBronze
2007Zinfandel2009Dallas Morning News Wine CompGold
2007Zinfandel2010Grand Harvest AwardsSilver
2007ZinfandelAwardsSeattle Wine AGold
2007Zinfandel2010Finger Lakes Intl Wine Comp.Silver
2007Zinfandel2010Washington State Wine Comp.Silver
2007Zinfandel2010West Coast Wine Comp.Silver
2007Zinfandel2010International Eastern Wine CompGold
2007Zinfandel2010Indy InternationalGold
2007Zinfandel2010Wine Press NW - Best of the BestGold
2007Zinfandel RSV2010Grand Harvest AwardsGold
2007Zinfandel RSV2010Finger Lakes Intl Wine Comp.Bronze
2007Zinfandel RSV2010West Coast Wine Comp.Gold
2007Zinfandel RSVAwardsSeattle Wine ASilver
2007Zinfandel RSV2010International Eastern Wine CompSilver
2007Zinfandel RSV2010San Fransisco International Wine CompSilver
2007Zinfandel RSV2010Long Beach Grand CruBronze
2007Zinfandel RSV2010Indy InternationalSilver
2007Zinfandel RSV2010Wine Press NW - Best of the BestGold
2007Zinfandel RSV2011Jerry Mead's NWIWCSilver
2006Barbera RSV2009National Women's Wine Comp.Bronze
2006Barbera RSV2009Finger Lakes Intl Wine Comp.Gold
2006Barbera RSV2009NW Wine SummitSilver
2006Barbera RSV2009Riverside InternationalBronze
2006Barbera RSV2009Seattle Wine AwardsGold
2006Barbera RSV2009San Fran. Int'l Wine CompGold
2006Barbera RSV2009Indy Int'l Wine Comp.Gold
2006Barbera RSV2009Renaud Society Wine Comp.Silver
2006Barbera RSV2009WPNW Best of the BestDouble Gold
2006Cab Sauv2009National Women's Wine Comp.Gold
2006Cab Sauv2009Finger Lakes Intl Wine Comp.Gold
2006Cab Sauv2009NW Wine SummitSilver
2006Cab Sauv2009West Coast Wine comp.Silver
2006Cab Sauv2009International EasternSilver
2006Cab Sauv2009Seattle Wine AwardsGold
2006Cab Sauv2009San Fran. Int'l Wine CompBronze
2006Cab Sauv2009Indy Int'l Wine Comp.Silver
2006Cab Sauv2009Renaud Society Wine Comp.Silver
2006Cab Sauv2009WPNW Best of the BestGold
2006Cab Sauv RSV2009National Women's Wine Comp.Silver
2006Cab Sauv RSV2009Finger Lakes Intl Wine Comp.Gold
2006Cab Sauv RSV2009NW Wine SummitGold
2006Cab Sauv RSV2009Seattle Wine AwardsSilver
2006Cab Sauv RSV2009San Fran. Int'l Wine CompBronze
2006Cab Sauv RSV2009Indy Int'l Wine Comp.Bronze
2006Cab Sauv RSV2009Renaud Society Wine Comp.Gold
2006Cab Sauv RSV2009WPNW Best of the BestGold
2006Cabernet Franc2009W P NW Mini Bordeuxor mention
2006Cabernet Franc2009National Women's Wine Comp.Silver
2006Cabernet Franc2009Finger Lakes Intl Wine Comp.Silver
2006Cabernet Franc2009San Fran. Int'l Wine CompSilver
2006Cabernet Franc2009Indy Int'l Wine Comp.Silver
2006Cabernet Franc2009Renaud Society Wine Comp.Gold
2006Cabernet Franc RSV2009W P NW Mini Bordeuxor mention
2006Cabernet Franc RSV2009Finger Lakes Intl Wine Comp.Bronze
2006Cabernet Franc RSV2009NW Wine SummitGold
2006Cabernet Franc RSV2009Seattle Wine AwardsOutstanding
2006Cabernet Franc RSV2009Renaud Society Wine Comp.Silver
2006Chard RSV2008Grand HarvestSilver
2006Grenache RSV2009Finger Lakes Intl Wine Comp.Bronze
2006Grenache RSV2009West Coast Wine comp.Silver
2006Grenache RSV2009Renaud Society Wine Comp.Honorable Mention
2006Grenache RSV2009WPNW Best of the BestGold
2006Malbec RSV2009W P NW Mini Bordeuxor mention
2006Malbec RSV2009National Women's Wine Comp.Silver
2006Malbec RSV2009Finger Lakes Intl Wine Comp.Silver
2006Malbec RSV2009Riverside InternationalBronze
2006Malbec RSV2009International EasternSilver
2006Malbec RSV2009Seattle Wine AwardsOutstanding
2006Malbec RSV2009San Fran. Int'l Wine CompBronze
2006Malbec RSV2009Indy Int'l Wine Comp.Double Gold
2006Malbec RSV2009Renaud Society Wine Comp.Silver
2006Merlot2009National Women's Wine Comp.Bronze
2006Merlot2009Finger Lakes Intl Wine Comp.Silver
2006Merlot2009West Coast Wine comp.Silver
2006Merlot2009Riverside InternationalBronze
2006Merlot2009International EasternSilver
2006Merlot2009Seattle Wine AwardsOutstanding
2006Merlot2009San Fran. Int'l Wine CompBronze
2006Merlot2009Renaud Society Wine Comp.Bronze
2006Merlot RSV2009National Women's Wine Comp.Bronze
2006Merlot RSV2009Finger Lakes Intl Wine Comp.Silver
2006Merlot RSV2009NW Wine SummitSilver
2006Merlot RSV2009West Coast Wine comp.Bronze
2006Merlot RSV2009Riverside InternationalBronze
2006Merlot RSV2009International EasternSilver
2006Merlot RSV2009Seattle Wine AwardsDouble Gold
2006Merlot RSV2009San Fran. Int'l Wine CompSilver
2006Merlot RSV2009Renaud Society Wine Comp.Gold
2006Merlot RSV2009WPNW Best of the BestDouble Gold
2006Port2009San Fran. Int'l Wine CompBronze
2006Port2009Indy Int'l Wine Comp.Silver
2006Port2009Renaud Society Wine Comp.Honorable Mention
2006Ros2008Capital Food & Wine FestivalBest of Show
2006Sangiovese2009National Women's Wine Comp.Silver
2006Sangiovese2009Finger Lakes Intl Wine Comp.Bronze
2006Sangiovese2009NW Wine SummitSilver
2006Sangiovese2009West Coast Wine comp.Bronze
2006Sangiovese2009International EasternBronze
2006Sangiovese2009Seattle Wine AwardsOutstanding
2006Sangiovese2009San Fran. Int'l Wine CompBronze
2006Sangiovese2009Indy Int'l Wine Comp.Silver
2006Sangiovese2009Renaud Society Wine Comp.Silver
2006Sangiovese RSV2009National Women's Wine Comp.Silver
2006Sangiovese RSV2009Finger Lakes Intl Wine Comp.Gold
2006Sangiovese RSV2009International EasternBronze
2006Sangiovese RSV2009Seattle Wine AwardsSilver
2006Sangiovese RSV2009Indy Int'l Wine Comp.Silver
2006Sangiovese RSV2009Renaud Society Wine Comp.Honorable Mention
2006Sangiovese RSV2009WPNW Best of the BestGold
2006Serendipity RSV2009Finger Lakes Intl Wine Comp.Bronze
2006Serendipity RSV2009NW Wine SummitSilver
2006Serendipity RSV2009West Coast Wine comp.Bronze
2006Serendipity RSV2009Riverside InternationalGold
2006Serendipity RSV2009International EasternBronze
2006Serendipity RSV2009Seattle Wine AwardsBronze
2006Serendipity RSV2009San Fran. Int'l Wine CompGold
2006Serendipity RSV2009Indy Int'l Wine Comp.Gold
2006Serendipity RSV2009Renaud Society Wine Comp.Bronze
2006Serendipity RSV2009WPNW Best of the BestGold
2006Syrah2009National Women's Wine Comp.Silver
2006Syrah2009Finger Lakes Intl Wine Comp.Silver
2006Syrah2009NW Wine SummitGold
2006Syrah2009West Coast Wine comp.Bronze
2006Syrah2009Riverside InternationalGold
2006Syrah2009Seattle Wine AwardsDouble Gold
2006Syrah2009San Fran. Int'l Wine CompSilver
2006Syrah2009Indy Int'l Wine Comp.Bronze
2006Syrah2009Renaud Society Wine Comp.Silver
2006Syrah2009WPNW Best of the BestGold
2006Syrah RSV2009National Women's Wine Comp.Best of Class
2006Syrah RSV2009National Women's Wine Comp.Double Gold
2006Syrah RSV2009Finger Lakes Intl Wine Comp.Silver
2006Syrah RSV2009NW Wine SummitSilver
2006Syrah RSV2009West Coast Wine comp.Bronze
2006Syrah RSV2009Riverside InternationalGold
2006Syrah RSV2009International EasternBronze
2006Syrah RSV2009San Fran. Int'l Wine CompDouble Gold
2006Syrah RSV2009Indy Int'l Wine Comp.Silver
2006Syrah RSV2009Renaud Society Wine Comp.Gold
2006Syrah RSV2009WPNW Best of the BestGold
2006WMR2008San Francisco ChronicleSilver
2006WMR2008Grand HarvestBronze
2006WMR2008Riverside IntlChairman's Award, Unanimous Gold
2006WMR2008WA State Wine Comp.Silver
2006WMR2008Finger Lakes Int'lBronze
2006WMR2008West Coast Int'lSilver
2006WMR2008Pacific Rim Int'lBronze
2006WMR2008Los Angeles Int'lBronze
2006WMR2008Int'l EasternBronze
2006WMR2008Seattle Wine AwardsGold
2006WMR2008Denver Int'lBronze
2006WMR2008W P NW Best of the BestDouble Gold
2006WMW2008San Francisco ChronicleBronze
2006WMW2008Grand HarvestBronze
2006WMW2008Dallas Morning NewsBronze
2006Zinfandel2009Grand Harvest AwardsSilver
2006Zinfandel2009New World Internationalor mention
2006Zinfandel2009Finger Lakes Intl Wine Comp.Silver
2006Zinfandel2009NW Wine SummitSilver
2006Zinfandel2009International EasternBronze
2006Zinfandel2009Seattle Wine AwardsGold
2006Zinfandel2009San Fran. Int'l Wine CompBronze
2006Zinfandel2009Renaud Society Wine Comp.Silver
2006Zinfandel2009WPNW Best of the BestGold
2006Zinfandel2009Houston Rodeo Wine Comp.Silver
2006Zinfandel RSV2009Grand Harvest AwardsSilver
2006Zinfandel RSV2009New World Internationalor mention
2006Zinfandel RSV2009Finger Lakes Intl Wine Comp.Gold
2006Zinfandel RSV2009International EasternBronze
2006Zinfandel RSV2009Seattle Wine AwardsOutstanding
2006Zinfandel RSV2009San Fran. Int'l Wine CompGold
2006Zinfandel RSV2009Renaud Society Wine Comp.Silver
2006Zinfandel RSV2009WPNW Best of the BestDouble Gold
2005Barbera RSV2008Grand HarvestBronze
2005Barbera RSV2008WA State Wine Comp.Bronze
2005Barbera RSV2008Finger Lakes Int'lBronze
2005Barbera RSV2008Pacific Rim Int'lGold
2005Cab Sauv2008Grand HarvestBronze
2005Cab Sauv2008Riverside IntlBronze
2005Cab Sauv2008Finger Lakes Int'lBronze
2005Cab Sauv2008Int'l EasternBronze
2005Cab Sauv2008Northwest Wine SummitBronze
2005Cab Sauv2008VinoChallengeGold
2005Cab Sauv RSV2008Grand HarvestBronze
2005Cab Sauv RSV2008Riverside IntlSilver
2005Cab Sauv RSV2008Finger Lakes Int'lBronze
2005Cab Sauv RSV2008West Coast Int'lSilver
2005Cab Sauv RSV2008Pacific Rim Int'lSilver
2005Cab Sauv RSV2008Int'l EasternSilver
2005Cab Sauv RSV2008Northwest Wine SummitBronze
2005Cabernet Franc2008San Francisco ChronicleSilver
2005Cabernet Franc2008Grand HarvestGold
2005Cabernet Franc2008Dallas Morning NewsBronze
2005Cabernet Franc2008New World IntlGold
2005Cabernet Franc2008Riverside IntlSilver
2005Cabernet Franc2008WA State Wine Comp.Silver
2005Cabernet Franc2008Finger Lakes Int'lSilver
2005Cabernet Franc2008West Coast Int'lBronze
2005Cabernet Franc2008Pacific Rim Int'lSilver
2005Cabernet Franc2008Los Angeles Int'lGold
2005Cabernet Franc2008Int'l EasternSilver
2005Cabernet Franc2008Wine Enthusiast82 Points
2005Cabernet Franc2008VinoChallengeSilver
2005Cabernet Franc2008W P NW Best of the BestDouble Platinum
2005Grenache RSV2008Grand HarvestGold
2005Grenache RSV2008New World IntlSilver
2005Grenache RSV2008Riverside IntlBronze
2005Grenache RSV2008WA State Wine Comp.Silver
2005Grenache RSV2008Finger Lakes Int'lSilver
2005Grenache RSV2008Pacific Rim Int'lSilver
2005Grenache RSV2008Los Angeles Int'lSilver
2005Grenache RSV2008Int'l EasternBronze
2005Grenache RSV2008Long Beach Grand CruSilver
2005Grenache RSV2008W P NW Best of the BestDouble Gold
2005Malbec RSV2008San Francisco ChronicleBronze
2005Malbec RSV2008Grand HarvestBronze
2005Malbec RSV2008Dallas Morning NewsGold
2005Malbec RSV2008New World IntlSilver
2005Malbec RSV2008WA State Wine Comp.Silver
2005Malbec RSV2008Finger Lakes Int'lSilver
2005Malbec RSV2008West Coast Int'lBronze
2005Malbec RSV2008Los Angeles Int'lSilver
2005Malbec RSV2008Int'l EasternBronze
2005Malbec RSV2008Seattle Wine AwardsGold
2005Malbec RSV2008W P NW Best of the BestPlatinum
2005Merlot2008San Francisco ChronicleSilver
2005Merlot2008Grand HarvestBronze
2005Merlot2008Dallas Morning NewsSilver
2005Merlot2008Riverside IntlBronze
2005Merlot2008WA State Wine Comp.Bronze
2005Merlot2008Finger Lakes Int'lGold
2005Merlot2008West Coast Int'lSilver
2005Merlot2008Pacific Rim Int'lSilver
2005Merlot2008Los Angeles Int'lSilver
2005Merlot2008Int'l EasternBronze
2005Merlot2008Seattle Wine AwardsOutstanding WA Wine
2005Merlot2008Long Beach Grand CruSilver
2005Merlot2008Wine Enthusiast85 Points
2005Merlot2008W P NW Best of the BestGold
2005Merlot RSV2008San Francisco ChronicleBronze
2005Merlot RSV2008Grand HarvestSilver
2005Merlot RSV2008Dallas Morning NewsSilver
2005Merlot RSV2008New World IntlBronze
2005Merlot RSV2008Riverside IntlSilver
2005Merlot RSV2008Finger Lakes Int'lSilver
2005Merlot RSV2008West Coast Int'lGold
2005Merlot RSV2008West Coast Int'lBest of class
2005Merlot RSV2008Pacific Rim Int'lBronze
2005Merlot RSV2008Int'l EasternBronze
2005Merlot RSV2008Seattle Wine AwardsOutstanding WA Wine
2005Merlot RSV2008Long Beach Grand CruSilver
2005Merlot RSV2008Wine Enthusiast85 Points
2005Pinot Gris2008Northwest Wine SummitBronze
2005Sangio2008Grand HarvestBronze
2005Sangio2008Dallas Morning NewsBronze
2005Sangio2008New World IntlBronze
2005Sangio2008WA State Wine Comp.Bronze
2005Sangio2008Finger Lakes Int'lBronze
2005Sangio2008West Coast Int'lSilver
2005Sangio2008Los Angeles Int'lSilver
2005Sangio2008Int'l EasternBronze
2005Sangio2008Northwest Wine SummitGold
2005Sangio2008Wine Enthusiast86 Points
2005Sangio RSV2008Grand HarvestBronze
2005Sangio RSV2008New World IntlBronze
2005Sangio RSV2008WA State Wine Comp.Gold
2005Sangio RSV2008Finger Lakes Int'lSilver
2005Sangio RSV2008West Coast Int'lSilver
2005Sangio RSV2008Int'l EasternBronze
2005Sangio RSV2008Long Beach Grand CruBronze
2005Sangio RSV2008W P NW Best of the BestDouble Gold
2005Sangiovese2008W P NW Best of the BestGold
2005Serendipity RSV2008New World IntlBronze
2005Serendipity RSV2008Riverside IntlSilver
2005Serendipity RSV2008WA State Wine Comp.Bronze
2005Serendipity RSV2008Finger Lakes Int'lSilver
2005Serendipity RSV2008West Coast Int'lBronze
2005Serendipity RSV2008Los Angeles Int'lBronze
2005Syrah2008San Francisco ChronicleGold
2005Syrah2008Grand HarvestSilver
2005Syrah2008Dallas Morning NewsSilver
2005Syrah2008New World IntlGold
2005Syrah2008Riverside IntlBronze
2005Syrah2008WA State Wine Comp.Silver
2005Syrah2008Finger Lakes Int'lSilver
2005Syrah2008West Coast Int'lBronze
2005Syrah2008Pacific Rim Int'lGold
2005Syrah2008Los Angeles Int'lBronze
2005Syrah2008Int'l EasternGold
2005Syrah2008Seattle Wine AwardsOutstanding WA Wine
2005Syrah2008Northwest Wine SummitBronze
2005Syrah2008Long Beach Grand CruBronze
2005Syrah2008Denver Int'lGold
2005Syrah2008W P NW Best of the BestDouble Gold
2005Syrah2009Wines NorthwestFood Article
2005Syrah RSV2008San Francisco ChronicleSilver
2005Syrah RSV2008Grand HarvestSilver
2005Syrah RSV2008WA State Wine Comp.Bronze
2005Syrah RSV2008Finger Lakes Int'lSilver
2005Syrah RSV2008West Coast Int'lSilver
2005Syrah RSV2008Pacific Rim Int'lBronze
2005Syrah RSV2008Los Angeles Int'lSilver
2005Syrah RSV2008Seattle Wine AwardsOutstanding WA Wine
2005Syrah RSV2008Long Beach Grand CruSilver
2005Zin2008Dallas Morning NewsBronze
2005Zin2008Finger Lakes Int'lDouble Gold
2005Zin2008West Coast Int'lSilver
2005Zin2008Pacific Rim Int'lSilver
2005Zin2008Int'l EasternSilver
2005Zin2008Wine Enthusiast88 Points
2005Zin RSV2008San Francisco ChronicleBronze
2005Zin RSV2008Grand HarvestSilver
2005Zin RSV2008Dallas Morning NewsBronze
2005Zin RSV2008New World IntlSilver
2005Zin RSV2008Riverside IntlSilver
2005Zin RSV2008WA State Wine Comp.Bronze
2005Zin RSV2008Finger Lakes Int'lSilver
2005Zin RSV2008West Coast Int'lSilver
2005Zin RSV2008Pacific Rim Int'lSilver
2005Zin RSV2008Los Angeles Int'lSilver
2005Zin RSV2008Int'l EasternBronze
2005Zin RSV2008Seattle Wine AwardsGold
2005Zin RSV2008Long Beach Grand CruBest of Class
2005Zin RSV2008Wine Enthusiast84 Points
2005Zin RSV2008VinoChallengeGold
2005Zin RSVfandel2008W P NW Best of the BestDouble Gold
2004RSV Syrah2009Wines NorthwestFood Article