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Wine writer’s Top 50 for 2014 from The Seattle Times

Nov 14, 2014

Andy Perdue published the Top 50 wine list for The Seattle Timesspotlighting 50 wines from 50 wineries, tasted under blind conditions. Out of his favorite wines this year, Maryhill's 2011 Zinfandel found a spot on the list. Start your holiday shopping list now!


Our wine writer’s Top 50 for 2014

Among bottles of Pacific Northwest wine, these stand out. Here are 50 wines from 50 wineries.

By Andy Perdue

Special to The Seattle Times


IT IS RARE anymore to stumble upon a truly awful bottle of Pacific Northwest wine.

Sure, flaws exist, often related to winemaking, storage or even corks. But the quality of grapes, access to equipment and a preponderance of winemaking knowledge make bad wine gloriously uncommon.

As such, the task of narrowing my list for The Seattle Times Top 50 Wines of 2014 is equal parts burdensome and satisfying.

With the plethora of Pacific Northwest wineries — numbering around 1,700 from Washington, Oregon, British Columbia and Idaho — I wanted this list to be as representative as possible, so I spotlighted 50 wines from 50 wineries.

I considered only wines I tasted under blind conditions. Thus, you will not see some notable wineries because they don’t submit wines for review. And that’s OK, because we already know their wines are superb, and this gives us the opportunity to explore some of the other 5,000 wines I evaluated this year.

With all of this in mind, here are my 50 favorite wines from 2014:

29. Maryhill Winery 2011 zinfandel, Columbia Valley, $17: A decade ago, Maryhill made its mark with zin by beating out some of the best in California. This remains its signature wine — and it’s available at a great price.


Andy Perdue is a wine author, journalist and international judge. Learn more about wine at